I love a song by Enter Shikari called Constellations. Its so perfectly intertwined with super pretty metaphors I cant help but listen to it on repeat. 

Meanwhile my little dog Jontie is getting old. She turns 18 at the start of next year. Its a bit odd knowing my childhood dog is of legal drinking age because it feels like my little girl has always just been around. It feels like yesterday she was a teeny puppy in my hand and today shes this old graying nanna dog. Also I'm aware dogs don't drink... before PETA sends its animal rights ninja teams out to school me on correct animal owning behavior. 

Any way, shes always there for me. She hates cuddling these days because shes arthritic and old, but she loves just hanging out with you. 

This ones for her. And Anthea. Who gets my artistic rants and rambles and gets me on a level most don't. 

I present to you... Constellations


If you dig this image and feel the need to support my art feel free to go onto Etsy and grab yourself a limited edition copy. There is only 100 so get in fast before the art ninjas steal this little badboy away from me.

For the dorks who want to know how its made, the stars are created by my cameras natural ISO shot in the dark and resized up with added contrast. The tree is from some odd bushes out the front of my house that sprout these beautiful whimsical things. 

The dog and the human are made up of the seeds from that tree and sticks from it. I know thats a silly technical way to do it, but South Australian and Australian Professional Photography Awards rules state I cant outright just paint it like any normal human. So its all 100% photographic. There is also a slight hint of Googles Deep Dream in there (that can only be seen on the printed version)  plus some cloud and grunge textures. The hearts and birds are made up of stock I have of clay love hearts and birds. 

Love, hugs and all that smooshy stuff
<3 Gee