South Australian Professional Photographer of the Year

This year I was stoked to win the South Australian Professional Photographer of the year, South Australian Portrait Photographer of the year, South Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year and the Graham Shelvin award for Highest Scoring Print. It was a HUGE deal for me and something I never thought would happen in my wildest dreams. My journey into the AIPP has been a crazy one, starting with my friend Mark Trumble literally taking me to events and sponsoring me to be there - just so he could be sure it happened. Im a pretty shy human at the best of times (even if I appear not to be) so having that was amazing. 

5 years later and I'm up there on that stage making terrible acceptance speeches and trying really hard not to bawl my eyes out. 

It hit me as the category winning South Auzzies stood up there waiting for the big announcement, that these people were some of the best people I knew. I was so excited to call these category winners my friends. So to Victoria, Ben, Terry, Kelly, Simone, Simon, Mark, Shona - thanks for being rad dudes in general. 

It's been a big long road to get there, I can tell you some tales of love and loss along the way. But I'm really really stoked that I have that notch under my belt. It just so happened to be the year that one of my favorite artists Suellen Cook won the Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the year. How cool is that? 

And some of you are asking what did I do with the prize money? Well It was kind of a shock to get it, never before whilst I have been entering the awards have category wins had prize money so honestly I was stoked. I thought about buying a holiday... but in truth there is a lot I gave up to get there. Gaming was one of them. I bought an Xbox One, took a few days off and caught up on 5 years of lost gaming time - well two days of it any way. 

Below are my images, I get it, some are a bit strange. No need to tell me! I'm proud of them just the same


South Australian Portrait Photographer of the year

South Australian Illustrative Photographer of the Year

Highest Scoring Print