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Don't I know you?

A celebration of Geek culture, of women in tech, of the games we played in our youth and the things that mattered most... the kind of stuff nerds hang on their walls when they want geeky art without anyone knowing...

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We Could Have Moved Mountains

Inspired my Misbah, she told me she wanted to make images about the light. My heart said "I do too" my mind said "Really?"

Heart: "Of course. Thats where you were always meant to end up"



A selection of portraits, commissioned for commercial and private collections over the years


The Arena

"It's not the Critic that counts" - based on a speech made famous by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 the arena is Gee's first series of almost monochrome images, or "Tributes" 



"Sometimes going home isn't about a place, but making things that remind you of a time"
Inspired by early 2000s online digital art, Bludlines is a homage to Gee's youth, loving blood, gore and all the things she shouldn't


Strange Lonesome Monsters

A story of loss, illness and the lives that surround it Strange Lonesome Monsters burst into the art scene in a big way. Gee's first major body of work continues to travel the world, exhibit everywhere and enchant audiences of all ages. 



Pilgrims was first exhibited at Art Images Gallery in a group show with Sam Oster, Meg Cowell and Marcelo Pla