Gee has been an educator with the University of South Australia, spoken at many AIPP events including Personal Projects evenings and workshops, held masterclasses in large scale image creation at the Centre for Creative Photography in Adelaide as well as taught many of the industries biggest names in one on one classes. 

Gee also runs one on one workshops for photographers wishing to learn how to up their post production skills.

"Your honesty, sincerity and passion will always be what I respect most about you. Thank you!" - Ben Kerr - Strange Lonsome Monsters revisited November 2015

You nailed it. I cried and laughed and fireworks were going off inside my head. Love you Gee!!!" - Victoria Berekmeri - April 2016, Personal Projects Seminar

Thank you Gee Greenslade for your wonderfully Poetic words" - Andrew Barre - April 2016 Personal Projects Seminar

To schedule a one on one workshop with Gee please follow the links below:

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